Middle to Late Miocene eruptive and climatic history in the Grande Ronde Valley, Northeast Oregon

Welcome to the project page for Kirsten Nicolaysen and Nick Bader's 2012 Keck Geology Consortium project in northeast Oregon.  This page is designed to provide a space for sharing key dates, data, and other resources.  As new items are added to the calendar and to our Google Docs site, they will be automatically updated here.


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Key dates (these will be updated as needed)


This is a list of files currently available on our Google Docs collection.  To view and edit these files, or to add files of your own, use this link.
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Mudd Fig. 1 Strat col.pdf other 3mb anna.c.mudd March 15, 2013 
Mudd Fig. 3 SEM.pdf other 1mb anna.c.mudd March 15, 2013 
Mudd Fig. 2 XRD.pdf other 411kb anna.c.mudd March 15, 2013 
RetallackData.pdf other 381kb nbader March 15, 2013 
FieldArea.pdf other 23mb nbader March 15, 2013 
FERGUSON_FIGURES.docx other 1mb ferguson.lukea March 15, 2013 
PRVF_timeline.pdf other 318kb nbader March 14, 2013 
JRHPRVF2.tif other 6mb johnny.r.hinojosa March 13, 2013 
PRVF TAS.png other 133kb johnny.r.hinojosa March 13, 2013 
CRBG TAS.png other 153kb johnny.r.hinojosa March 13, 2013 
Irving+Baragar Legend.png other 186kb johnny.r.hinojosa February 28, 2013 
LeBas Legend.png other 309kb johnny.r.hinojosa February 25, 2013 
Bulletin107-Map-plate_print.pdf other 30mb nbader February 8, 2013 
UnionCtyLayers.zip other 2mb nbader August 31, 2012 
FernsUpperGRV_B-107.zip other 7mb nbader August 31, 2012 
Elevation.zip other 1396mb nbader August 31, 2012 
Sheldon2009.pdf other 6mb nbader May 30, 2012 
Sheldon2006.pdf other 825kb nbader May 30, 2012 
BaderNicolaysenKeckProposal2011.pdf other 6mb nbader May 30, 2012 
Wolff_08_Nature.pdf other 359kb nbader May 30, 2012 
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